Long Arm FAQ

Packing & shipping your quilt
1. To prevent moisture build up, wrap your quilt in tissue paper.
2. Place tissue wrapped quilt in plastic bag
3. Please bag in sturdy box.
4. Priority shipping provides free boxes and allows us to receive your quilt promptly. It also includes tracking so you always know where your package is located. Insurance is optional but suggested.

Once your quilt is received, we will revmove it from it’s bag and wrappings and allow it to breathe. It will then go into an inventory tracked bin until completion.

Upon completion of the long arm service, we will ship your quilt back the next business day unless binding services have been purchased. Upon completion of added servcies, your quilt will be shipped. Local to the OKC area? You are welcome to pick up your quilt once you are notified of completion.

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